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Brazilian institution launches Solar Label

Aiming to encourage new solar photovoltaic generation projects in Brazil, Ideal Institute (Institute for Development of Renewable Energies in Latin America), a non-governmental organization based in Florianopolis, southern Brazil, launched the Solar Label.

The initiative was put in place along with... more

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New markets in Mexico, Brazil and Chile

Recent times have seen Latin American countries such as Chile, Brazil and Mexico directing their efforts towards tapping solar potential. Several regions have the world’s highest levels of solar radiation at their disposal, their energy needs are growing and their governments are becoming... more

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Intersolar clears a path to South America for the solar industry

The South America Summit on August 15, 2012, at Sao Paulo’s Expo Center Norte, co-located with ENIE – Electrical Installations Exhibition & Conference, marks Intersolar’s entry into a market that is becoming increasingly attractive to the solar industry.

When the Soccer World Cup gets underway in... more