Greener: Strategic Market Research Distributed Generation 2020 - Second Half

Greener brings relevant information and insights to help companies understand the challenges and opportunities in the Distributed Generation Photovoltaic segment in Brazil.

  • The 2020 revenue of the PV kits market was R$ 7 Billion;
  • The volume of most integrating companies exceeded the pre-pandemic level.
  • The cost of photovoltaic equipment increased around 10% to 20% in 2020. The integrating companies absorbed a significant part of this cost, so that it wouldn’t impact the end users.
  • Distributors and Integrators are optimistic in 2021. Most are considering increasing their staff, so job openings should accelerate this year.
  • 88% of customers who installed solar energy technology in their business are considered satisfied. The non satified customers say the cost and generation of energy was lower than promised.

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