NEC ES, NGK deploy storage in new territories in Brazil and Middle East

Lithium and sodium sulfur batteries will be used for the first time in new territories, after NEC ES and NGK inked deals to deliver projects to an island archipelago in Brazil and in Dubai respectively.

Integrated electricity company Neoenergia, active in distribution, generation and other parts of the supply chain in Brazil, was requested by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) in 2017 to help find sustainable ways to wean Fernando de Noronha, 350km off the country’s north-eastern coast, from a heavy dependence on expensive and polluting diesel generators.

Neoenergia has contracted NEC Energy Solutions to deliver a lithium-ion battery energy storage system to the islands, on the company’s scalable DSS (Distributed Storage Solution) platform. The size of the initial deployment was not given by NEC ES, which announced the news, but the DSS platform can be configured from 100kW to 710kW for power and 85kWh to 510kWh of energy storage.

In a project that will be managed by Brazil’s Institute of Technology for Development (LACTEC), through a Neoenergy subsidiary, Celpe, the system will storage and integrate energy generated by two solar power plants. It will be the first form of energy storage installed in the region that enables daytime charging from solar. Read more