São Paulo

Imposing, cosmopolitan, rich, entrepreneurial, cultural, and sporty ‒ how best to define São Paulo? No single adjective can accurately describe what this megacity of about 10.5 million inhabitants really means. Carefully delineated by multiple nationalities, cultures and creeds, the great Bandeirante metropolis is truly cosmopolitan; by calling and by choice. It is Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Jewish, Arab, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, and Latin.

These and other facets can be seen in the architecture of its buildings, streets, its fine gastronomy, in the way people dress and act, brave people who never stop writing, day after day, the history of their city. The greatness of São Paulo can only be described in a variety of ways. It can be said that it boasts the largest hotel structure in all of Latin America, the best hospitals in the country, and it offers what is best and most diversified in terms of cultural activities, in Brazil.

It is one of the international capitals of gastronomy, a sure destination for internationally renowned big events, such as trade fairs and exhibitions, besides being a hub for prestigious academic and research centers, among so many other references.

São Paulo´s capital city has hundreds of movie theaters, museums, theatres, cultural and historical areas, parks, show houses, thematic parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls, and several streets lined with specialty shops. São Paulo is the city that hosts the largest number of conventions and trade fairs inLatin America‒ 70 thousand annually. Every year, 10 million visitors come to the city to do business or renew business contacts, to shop, or simply to enjoy its cultural activities in keeping with what goes on in the rest of the world.

To be in São Paulo means to experience, in style, the life of a metropolis that ticks around the clock, combining work and leisure as if they were the two sides of a same coin. The capital city of São Paulo, a state about the size of the United Kingdom, with a population similar to Spain´s, and that accounts for almost half of the Brazilian economy, São Paulo City is also the country´s first tourist destination.

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