Booth Space Calculations

RateRe-Booking*Early Bird**Member***Non-Member****
Raw Space€220/sqm€235/sqm€250/sqm€260/sqm
Assembly 1€280/sqm€295/sqm€310/sqm€320/sqm
Assembly 2€300/sqm€315/sqm€330/sqm€340/sqm

Raw space is the rental of floor space only and does not include any utilities, services, walls, carpet or furnishings. Included with each booth space: web listing with link to your exhibitor website, free listing in the official event directory, complimentary visitor brochures and free visitor registration for your customers.

*  Re-Booking: Exhibitors of Intersolar South America 2017 who apply until December 31, 2017.

**  Early Bird: All companies that apply until March, 31, 2018.

***  Member: After March 31, 2018: Participants of the Intersolar Membership Program who exhibited in at least one additional Intersolar exhibition (Europe, North America, India, Middle East) within the past 12 months. Please be aware: a retroactive discount is not possible.

**** Non-Member: All companies that apply after March 31, 2018.

Mandatory Fees

The items below are Mandatory Fees and will be invoiced to you together with the invoice for Booth Space.

City Hall Fee: € 221
Fire Extinguisher (1 per each 25sqm): €50
Cleaning Fee: €7.50/sqm

Power Supply/sqm:
1kVA Booth 9 to 19 sqm €158
2KVA Booth 20 to 30 sqm €315
3KVA Booth 31 to 40 sqm €473
4KVA Booth 41 to 50 sqm €630
5KVA Booth 51 to 68 sqm €788
6KVA Booth 69 to 80 sqm €945
8KVA Booth 81 to 90 sqm €1,260
10KVA Booth 91 to 110 sqm €1,575
11KVA Booth 111 to 150 sqm €1,733
12KVA Booth 151 to 200 sqm €1,890