Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities

Sponsorship Packages

Diamond Exhibition & Conference Sponsorsold
Platinum Exhibition Sponsor€16,000
Gold Exhibition Sponsor€10,000 1 sold
Silver Exhibition Sponsor€8,000
Platinum Conference Sponsor€15,000
Gold Conference Sponsor€9,000
Silver Conference Sponsor€6,000 1 sold

Using our marketing services and advertising materials is a valuable way of drawing attention to your company, your company’s stand location and the innovative products and services you will be showcasing.
For potential new customers, brand familiarity and brand confidence are an important basis for purchasing decisions.

Exhibition Sponsorships

Exhibition Lanyardsold
Visitor Badge                  sold
VIP Lounge€7,500
Shuttle Bus Branding€4,000
Cafeteria Brandingsold
Registration Counter€5,000
Innovation & Application Stage (Silver/Gold)€1,000/€3,000
Workshop Room 1h€1,000

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Press Kit Distribution€300
Website Banner 3sold
Event Directory Advertisingfrom €600 to €4,000
Webinar (Silver)€500

Conference Sponsorships

Conference Networking Reception€6,000
Conference Bagsold
Conference Notepad€2,500
Conference Pensold
Session Sponsorship€2,500
Tea & Coffee Breaksold€2,500
Supplement in Conference Bag€2,500
Advert Conference Programfrom €400 to €1,400