Intersolar South America

August 28–30, 2018
São Paulo, Brazil


Industry News

Brazil: EPE registered 18 GW PV capacity for reserve energy auction in December

Brazil’s energy agency EPE (Empresa de Pesquisa Energética), announced that it has registered around 550 solar PV projects totaling 18,000 MW for the upcoming new energy auctions. more

Brazil’s only 2017 solar auction set for 18 December as energy oversupply situation approaches

Brazil’s energy agency EPE has set an 18 December date for the A-4 energy auction, which includes the potential of 20-year PPAs for wind, solar and biomass along with 30-year PPAs for hydro. more

Brazil hits 100MW of micro and mini-generation solar PV

Brazil has reached 100MW of distributed solar PV micro-generation and mini-generation deployment, according to the Brazilian solar association (ABsolar). more

MME Sets Date for New Energy Auctions in December

"A-4" and "A-6" competitions will be held for renewable, thermal sources whose CVUs are under US$ 89)/MWh and hydroelectric plants more

Import Of Solar Cells Up Sharply In Brazil

Growth of micro-generation and installation of factories in the country justified expenses of US$ 268 million in 2016 more