Intersolar South America

August 22–24, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil


Market Information

Webinar Brazil PV Market Update: Reality Check - Prospects and Challenges

What’s going on in one of Latin America’s most promising solar markets? The auction cancellation last December leaves the solar industry perplexed. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities for the solar sector in Brazil that were addressed in the webinar  "Brazil PV Market Update: Reality Check - Prospects and Challenges" The webinar recording is available online.




Study about Brazilian market for distributed generation.

Instituto Ideal publishes an annual study on the Brazilian market for photovoltaic distributed generation (PV). The purpose is to understand how to develop the sector and identify the challenges in the process of connecting the micro and minigeradores FV network. The survey brings results of a survey of installers across the country.

Access the EPaper "The Brazilian Market Of Distributed Solar PV Generation - Annual Report 2016 "




GTM Research's Latin America PV Playbook

Latin America is at the global frontier of emerging solar markets. According to the report, Latin America had a record year in 2015, installing 1.4 GW, 813 MW more than in 2014. 2016 is set to be another record year for solar in the region, with the market growing 55% to 2.2 GW.  GTM Research's Latin America PV Playbook is the definitive source of Latin American solar installation data, market analysis and forecasts. Download the free executive summary here.